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Новый WD и ХСМ

 Кодекс ХСМ откладывается на октябрь. В новом ВД нет ничего про новый кодекс. Есть статьи о демонах, но ничего про хсм. Видимо, по этому этот журнал был отозван и переверстан. Скорее всего, в сентябре будет в упущен апдейт для кодекса демонов, как для ФБ, так и для 40к в WD.

Будут изменены цены, правила на колесницы.
Новые модели для плаг биреров, скримеров, фламеров и нурглингов.

via Erazmus_M_Wattle on Warseer
I can confirm for you all that codex Chaos Space Marines will be released in October at the earliest.

The White Dwarf features Daemons. Lots of them but no Chaos Marines. The month after is the 40k starter box so that means no codex until October. I'm a bit bummed out by this but I suppose it gives me longer to save up.

However the boxed game sounds like it's going to be pretty sweet so perhaps I won't actually have any money left.

via Rixitotal on reddit
So in next months white dwarf there is going to be a leaflet with updates for Codex daemons and daemons in fantasy.

Some changes to old units, flamers are now only S4 in fantasy and some units have had point changes. ect.
Also new units slannesh massive chariot (2D6 +1 impact hits) and other weird chariot thing in 1 kit. the other thing looks and acts kind of like a mobile meat lawnmower. this is in both games and acts like a chariot in 40K.
also soul grinders are coming to fantasy! has T7 6 wounds and a load of upgrades for its shooting. looks pretty mental. the model (40K kit) in the white dwarf and leaflet was on the same base as the giant goblin spider.
also new models for plague bearers (really really nice, some have fly heads) screamers (look similar but with lots of eyes), flamers (similar) and nurgalings (looks like a pile of funny little germ monsters you might get in a dish washer advert).
Also new beastman shaman.
should be out next week :).

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