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Фото релизов августа и слухи по демонам

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Spoke to                         who confirmed that CSM were dropped for Daemons for August.

Apparently a vocal minority I mentioned previously really wanted to see the releases more spread out than what was initially intended.

There is more to this, but I am not going to discuss business plans or arrangements because of the ramifications.

The daemon models being released have been done for some time, and were intended to be the first thing after Dark Angels.

With that said:
The chaos space marine codex is done and printed.  One person told me that some skids have already been shipped to avoid the bottlenecking from last month, but I have nothing other than their word on that.

Looking at the white dwarf drop box, the directory lists a lot of the articles that were in August's issue now back in for September's scrum meeting, which means that it will be decided upon in the next two weeks.  There are new articles, however, one of which is "painting chaos cultists."

While it would not be normal for the starter to be released without mainstream rules for all the models it contains, it's possible they may do a chaos cultist rules release in the September WD, and then the codex afterwards, but another person I was speaking with suggested that there's a debate right now about releasing the Codex and the Starter at the same time.

There is vehement opposition to releasing the starter set any later than September, so I doubt we'll see September - Chaos, October - Starter.

If anything it will be September - Starter, October - Chaos, or September - Both, with the new Chaos models split between two waves.  Keep in mind, the new MO for releases is for the entirety of a line to be dropped within a 6 week period, so that would leave DA releasing with some shared days of Chaos.

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