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Апдейт по ХСМ

GW осталось очень недовольно дистрибуцией 6ки, в плане логистики, поэтому кодекс, следующий  после  хсм, может быть перенесен на 2013 число. А пока будут издавать флайеры и террейн. 

via Logan    from the comment sections July 18, 2012 4:30 PM
Well hello all. I had my conference earlier today. Nothing really new except that the codex after csm will not hit till 2013. Right now GW is VERY upset at the failure of 6ed distribution. So they will try to get THAT sorted out then chaos them terraim and flyers. There was also NO mention of a fantasy book this year. Take it how it is but thats what I have. Any more details I can gather will be here.

Вот такой вот список от Натфки

Release Schedule
3 New Flyers in August, 1 Flyer is Chaos PENDING (Cannot release source info-inbox)
CSM - Release in August with half models and codex PENDING(Cannot release source info-inbox)

6th Edition Starter + other half of CSM in September PENDING(Cannot release source info-inbox)
DA + Entire Range in October PENDING (Cannot release source info-inbox)
August WD pushed back PENDING (Cannot release source info-inbox) 
6th Edition 'leak' - May 2012
Snap Fire, TRUE  (Grant)
Assault from DS, FALSE (Grant, but was a theory based on what was read, not a rumor which was apparent in the post)
Hull Points, TRUE (Grant)
Challenges, TRUE (Grant)
Gifts, PENDING (Grant, and not the complete story)
TS Relentless PENDING (Grant)

Chaos April 2012
No EW Levels TRUE (Grant)
Hull Points TRUE (Grant)
CC AP Levels TRUE (Grant)

Release Schedule - October 2011
Tau Q1 FALSE (Marik Law)
Chaos Legions mid Year FALSE (Marik Law)
Eldar End of Year PENDING (Marik Law)

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