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Новости и слухи

На открытом дне студии подтвердили, что кодекс ДА готов и запланировано много новинок для этой армии. Мы увидим это все совсем скоро.

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One last thing that I forgot to mention was that there are 2 missions that allow heavy or fast attack units to act as scoring units. This is designed to make spammers a little more mindful of how they put their lists together, although in reality, I can't see it changing too much. 

I heard numerous hints about Dark Angels from the design team too, but we all know about this already right.....? :) 

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Just a few other tidbits I learnt, probably nothing new.

Jes Goodwin said he's done the design for the Voidraven Bomber.

Jervis' favourite game was Necromunda - but he doesn't think GW will ever revisit it :(

When I asked him to sign my Dark Angels Codex he commented on me being a Dark Angels fan and said there was some exciting stuff in store for us (nothing new but got me excited!).

Once again thanks to Scissorheart. If anyone's thinking of going to the next I'd say it's well worth the £15.

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