вторник, 31 июля 2012 г.

Подробности о ереси Гора от Forgeworld

1) This is an ongoing series set in the Horus Heresy.  There is no set number of books.2) The series will use 6th Edition, but that is all.  No other books are needed besides the Forgeworld books and the core rulebook. That tells me look for all new codices, and a complete divergent set of armylists from the 40th Millennium lists we all use now.3) Legions will be represented - and "other forces."4) Primarchs models and rules are coming.
Each book will focus on a specific thread of the campaign toward terra, culminating in a final book which will be the battle for terra itself. There will be new rules for the Legion standard, and will not use "Legion Tactics" (ala Chapter Tactics) variation based on special character, but will instead be edited in some way based on simply nominating the Legion you're using.Books will contain expanded fluff for the 2-3 Legions contained within and campaign rules for playing out a particular series of battles with "benchmark" missions that are historic. 

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