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Еще правила ХСМ!

В большом разрешении:

Basic Chaos Marine....Supposedly.
4 + Aspiring Champion 80 pts.
Each additional model +14 pts.
Units size: 5-20
Bolter, Bolt Pistol, CCW, Frag and Krak grenades
May take a special weapon for every 5 models in the squad.

meltagun +10 pts
plasmagun +15 pts

If the squad numbers 10 more, one model can exchange its special weapon:

Heavy bolter +10 pts
Autocannon / missile launcher +15 pts
Lascannon +20 pts

The terminators are pretty standard. They now have the options for marks and icons, veterans of the long war, and champion can take mutations. Otherwise, they are sort of constrained by the Terminator kit they put out. If they took away options, they would have useless parts. If they added more weapon/wargear options, they would have to add new parts somehow.

These are the more generic units in the book. The terminators and chosen are basic veterans, not cult troops, and thus have a variety of abilities and wargear, but nothing too special. I'd bet that the page following this one covers the 4 cult troops.

As for the other unit entries,
Possessed are Vendetta price for base champion +4, can add more. Looks like bolt pistol CCW base.
Champion can take mutation
Marks plus Icons
Veterans of the Long War
Dedicated Rhino.

Mutilators look like rhino price for one, can add more
Veterans of the long war

Hellbrute- dreadnought price
multimelta and power fist base
can swap MM for reaper autocannon, TLLC, TLHB, Plasma cannon, extra powerfist
can swap power fist for thunder hammer or power scourge
can add combibolter or heavy flamer
Can add something that fires frag and krak missiles. Havoc launcher?

Chosen- 5 points less than a base squad of terminators for a champion +4 more. Can add more for looks like 1 point more than now
bolter, bolt pistol, CCW, frag and krak nades standard.
Up to five models (maybe? hard to read) may do the following:
replace bolt pistol with plasma pistol
replace ccw with power weapon, LC, or power fist
replace bolter, pistol, and ccw for pair of claws
One may upgrade to take the following
heavy bolter
missile launcher
champion can replace a ranged weapon for a melee weapon on the wargear list (not sure about that one)
champion can take gift of mutation
champion can take melta bombs
marks and icon options
Veterans of the long war
Chaos rhino as dedicated.

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