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UK Games Day 2012

Новости с ГД в Англии, будут обновляться в режиме онлайн! Фотки кликабельны!

News from the UK Games Day 2012, will be updated online!

Digital products will NOT be limited to apple products they where just the first.
Android and windows digital media products will follow. 

I saw the new Chaos Codex. I had a chat to Robin as I skimmed over it, but the main things I picked up were;

  • Cult units are back to Elites
  • Cult units are moved to Troops by taking their signature character or a Lord or Sorceror with the right mark
  • Daemon Princes with the right mark does not move Cult units back to troops
  • You can only move units to Troops for your Primary Detachment - you can't do this for allies at all
  • Abaddon moves Chosen to Troops
  • They're moving towards putting Troops choices in a Codex before Elites as that makes things a lot easier layout wise - as you've got to have a HQ and two Troops, it makes sense for them to be first.
  • Weapons and wargear have been split to Ranged Weapons, Melee Weapons, Daemonic Gifts and so on, so that things don't have to be listed over and over in multiple unit entries.
  • There are some unique chaos artefacts which the devs were quite surprised "aren't all over the internet already". I spotted one which was a Scroll, possibly of  Magnus...

Next book HH - 'Massacre' - including Iron hands, Salamanders, Night Lords and Word Bearers. In the 2nd seminar Alan Bligh explained a lot about how the Primarch rules were put together - the basic outline for them all is done.

New Mechanicus being worked on - they have a torso done. Mourneival (spelling?) the sons of Horus termies are almost ready and look very cool.

Primarchs/Character boxes - Angron then Abbadon vs Loken, then Fulgrim, the probably Horus. Some will get more than one version.

"Next primarch should be fulgrim, mark bedford will be modelling death shroud, next book is 1st half of istvaan 5 and includes night lords, word bearers, iron hands & salamanders. Simon egan wants to do mortarion."

Jez Goodwin about Eldar - he is thinking about them (described as always doing that!) - releases will 'fix obvious holes in the range'. They will look to release an Apoc size kit, but in general everyone was quite coy on the timescales.

IA 1 second edition will be like a summary book for Imperial Guard (all rules for current kits in one book). IA12 will be necrons (with a dynasty specific list), DKOK (with a '6th friendly' list) and Minotaurs.

HH - Legion specific contemptors - Death Guard and World Eaters appear to be finished. 

While I was flicking through Jes Goodwin's Dark Eldar sketch book I saw concept art for the Void Raven bomber. "Oops, I should probably have taken that out" he said with a wink.
No pictures were allowed, but it's larger than the raven wing, with an elongated nose. The nose looked like it had a pattern cut out of it, but when I asked Jes he said it was a canopy and the way he imagined it was the pilot would be in the nose section leaning forward like the reaver jetbike models. He wouldn't give anything away on whether a model was due or if such a model would even resemble this sketch.
When I returned in the afternoon to show a friend the sketch had been removed and replaced with a Web Way Gate sketch. I saw the sketch was dated 2006 and asked Jes how far in advance he knew about 6th edition and if this was intended to work as a fortification. He was, again, very tight lipped and only said that anything not already produced was just waiting for a big green GO button.

Space marines Legion list

You can only spend up to 25% of your points on Lords of War. As Angron is a Lord of War and 400 points, it follows that you must be playing at least a 1600 point game to include him. As far as I know this is the only restriction (...but yes, we'll find out for sure later today).

GW introduces Citadel Tabletop EMP device, on display on every table at GDUK2012.

Anyone wondering about Cataphractii Armour - 2+4++ swapping relentless for S&P

 Horus is 500 points and has two pages of special rules


New CSM models, new eldar Avatar and other

They simply must release that Blood Axe Warboss! Even if it is a test sculpt and looks terrible in real life. It is a great update on the classic RT Blood Axe Nob with Power Axe and the 2nd Ed Mark Gibbons artwork based on it.

The Genestealer Magus and Skaven Grey Seer look good as well.

Forgeworld Abaddon!

As an aside, my mate has just let me know he's seen Abaddon and it looks badass. Demanding he sends me pics. If he does, ill get it up here.

Apparently Abaddon has a scenic base ala Angron, posed charging foreward. His armour is "massive" and he's "clubbing some marine to pulp with a f*** off lightning claw"

Legion specific Contemptor Dreads Legion specific Marines!

Emperors children assault squad, auto cannon squad, command squad.... Same for death guard, sons of horus and world eaters.

Oh, and Loken....

Angron is Infantry (Character) Ball park = 10 Standard Terminators.

Not had much chance to look through it yet, but the Primarchs seem powerful but killable. If you're thinking the invincible beings described by the novels, this is not for you. Angron is akin to Mephison on roids, V.High WS and S, High T, W, I, A. Sv 3+4++

Play wise, it's designed with 30k vs 30k campaign in mind, with the above force org (unless under 1500), and primarch/super heavy type units (Lords of Battle) above 2k only.
There are 6 Isstvaan III battle missions, using the 6e ruleset and adding a couple of conditions.
Designed for 1500-2500/3000 point games.

Lightning two is a new imperial variant - large turbine in place of the nose.

HH book is lovely - full army

Lists for 4 legions and there's also mechanicus units in there.... Best book FW have ever done.

Horus Heresy, will be probably be doing an Emperor model.
IA 12 is nearly done all the necrons good dream of is in there, confirmed that each xenos race will gets its own book. Looking to add to the existing range rather than cover non codex races.

Heresy models:

Legion Cerebus heavy destroyer
WE & DG legion contemptors
WE with volkite chargers
We with heavy bolters
Ecs with autocannons - I presume this will be new heavy weapon kit
Abbadon duelling loken
Lightening 2 aircraft
SoH justaerin terminators

WF - Wip of bull centaurs, mourngul and another creature which I can't
Remember from monstrous arcanum

For IA 12

Necron flyer
Necron sentry pylon
Necron flying chariot thing
Another necron work in progress
Necron terrain board but I don't know if this will be for sale

New FW Necron pylon

Two new necron craft, one a bomber based on the flyer chassis and one a hovering wheel thing a bit like a cross between a beefed up command barge and General Grevious' ride in Star Wars.

Cerberus Tank Destroyer

K'daii Destroyer at Gamesday from FB Warhammer

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