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Правдивая информация о ХСМ

via Faeit 212 (a Must Remain Anonymous Source)

Dragon Flyer - 12/12/10

2 butcher cannons, bs3, immune to shaken/stunned, can be locked velocity as normal.  Flyer only, no hover/skimmer mode.  Can vector strike at strength 10.  Strafing run.
Because this might be misinterpreted I'm going to be really clear: It does not have "two firing profiles." It has 2 butcher cannons, and that's it.  It does not have blasts of any kind.  It is "BS4" against ground targets because of strafing run (go read it, it's a USR for details).

Terminators can be upgraded to chosen, getting +1 WS (5) and +1 wound (2), and fearless. They can take marks on top of that.  It gets expensive.
- Interestingly enough, when upgraded they are troops if you take Abbadon, yet normal Terminators are Elites.
There are no "chaos storm shields,"
The best you can get is Mark of Tzeench to upgrade your 5+ invulnerable from Terminator armour to a 4+.

There is a piece of chaos wargear that gives a 4+ invulnerable, but it is not a storm shield it can just be added for characters. Yes it upgrades via mark of tzeench to 3+.  No it's not available for sorcerers.

Vindicator is unchanged, but can take daemonic possession (as all chaos vehicles can).  No melta of any kind  on it except the potential to buy a pintle-mounted combi-melta as an upgrade.

As for the essentially indirect fire mechanism? That's made up.  As for the daemonic possession changing the weapon profile for 1 shot that then expends the daemonic possession? That's made up.

The new book has a lot to explore, and lots of fiddly options here and there.  The post about Abbadon and the previous one have no basis on the actual print what so ever.

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