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Еще немного статов из кодекса ХСМ

(Dark Apostle) Beseech the Dark Gods: Characters in the Dark Apostle's unit (included the Dark Apostle) may re-roll Chaos Boon rolls.
(Then, also the Dark Apostole has the rule Champion of Chaos).

(Dark Apostle) Demagogue: Friendly units from this codex within 6" must use the Dark Apostles' Leadership instead of their own.

(Warpsmith) Master of Mechanisms: Unless gone to ground or falling back, instead of firind in your Shooting phase, choose to
a) repair a friendly damaged vehicle or
b) curse a single enemy vehicle.

Repair: must be in base contact or embarked upon target. Roll a D6 (+1 with Mechadendrits). On a 5+, either restore a Hull Point, repair Weapon Destroyed or Immobilised
Curse: must be within 18" of target. Roll to Hit. If it Hits, the target's weapons Gets Hot until the end of its next turn
(Heldrake) Meteoric Descent: Vector Strike whilst Zooming at Strength 7.

(Warpsmith) Shatter Defences: After deployment, before Scout redeployments and Infiltrate moves, one piece of terrain in your opponent's deployment zone has its cover save decreased by one.

(Maulerfiend) Siege Crawler: move as Beast; +1 to armour penetrations rolls against buildings in close combat.

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