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Человек с рульбуком рассказывает- Часть 2

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Pens take a hull point and roll on the damage table, glancing just takes off a HP

no pens are just a roll. dont take off hullpoints.

Are Fast, open-topped Transports still the exception to the 6" disembark rule?


How does artillery work

i have no idea how it works in the old edition. but they have stats now T7 2W. if the crew is killed so are you.

Also, while I'm asking Eldar questions... can Jetbikes still do their assault phase jump move? Is it 6" or 2D6? Sorry if this has been answered- I thought I saw it but then lost it again...

its 2D6, but u may not do it if you turbo boosted. but i will say taht due to the new always measure rules this can be very effective ''move shoot move'' unit.

One last thing, is the Emperor dead?

depends who you ask. (more or less the same.)

emperor as dead as tupak, only kept alive for the masses by weird machines. CMS still plotting in their volcano doom base, tau still the geeky naive guy at a tough biker bar, nids still galactic herpes, thats why no one allies with them.

There's been a lot of discussion back and forth about the term "generate" when determining powers from the new psychic disciplines, especially given "Warp Charge" level. Are powers rolled randomly? Is this consistent across all races?

generating is just like getting fantasy spells (except you reroll a double dont choose.) warp charge is how many spells you can cast, some have warp charge 2 and take up 2 spells worth of casting.

there are 5 disciplines (lores) and each has 6 and a signature spell.

Is there a psychic phase? What order do the phases go in now?

no psychic phase, buffs and debuffs at the start of the movement phase, shooting ones done in the shooting phase.

-How do template weapons and snapfire on vehicles interact? Will Land Raider Redeemers go from meh to awesome? -Can troops assault after having exited a non-open topped vehicle?

template or blast may not snap fire. except on overwatch where they have special rules.
Is it specified anywhere if flying MCs and/or jump infantry can shoot flyers w/o the Snap Fire Penalty?

no, although other flyer have the option of it.

You're a gentleman, scholar and saint. Any word on if units with Move Through Cover ignore difficult/dangerous terrain when charging?

you roll an extra D6 for movement purposes and ignore dangerous terrain. sorry if i said this wrong earlier its been alot of questions. dosnt affect charges.

beasts are fleet, ie reroll the charge.

So wait... what about jetpack troops assaulting out of vehicals. If I'm reading what you've put below correctly, a Stormraven can go into hover mode, then move 6 inches, then jump pack troops (eg sanguinary guard) move 12 inches out, then assault 2d6 rerollable, for a maximum of 30" threat range? I love it...

no you always get 6 out of a vehicle regardless of your movment.

How do you hit with blast weapons now. Same as before Scatter -BS and place template? or just roll to hit...

same, but no half strength for clipping tanks.

As for getting out of a tank and moving. Because this is very relevant for all olf 5th ed players... can you move after the tank moves even if the tank is not open topped? or does the tank moving just stop you from charging... unless you are open topped or assault vehicle...
Anything to do with the way this works would be very usefull.

u cant get out and the tank keeps going if thats what you mean. but can always get out and move. and only assault vehicles passengers may assault. open topped is also assault vehicle/.

Have vehicle squadrons changed at all in terms of hull points? Do they still ignore shaken results?
Also any changes to tank shocking? can you still tank shock with the extra movement in the shooting phase?

squadrons are more of less the same. ,am change is hit allocation. tank shot is about the same as well.

Have vehicle squadron rules changed? And how do flyer squadrons work?

not changed much, except for keeping in line with the closest to furthest rules. the closest vehicle must be destroyed before you start hitting the rest of the squad.

Have the rules for Walkers in melee changed? Or Walkers and shooting? Just curious if Defilers are still any good.

i didnt see any changes to walkers, aside from if u are in combat with a unit that can not hurt you, they have the option of auto fleeing if they want. Defilers are 4 hull points so probs a net gain.

I have heard the same is true for Heavy Weapons, is that the case? 

heavy can shoot but only hits on a 6.

Do Flying Monsterous Creatures need a 6 to Hit a Flyer? And vice versa?

you can choose to have skyfire rule for flyers for 1 turn. MC cant as far as i can see.
Please tell me that the Weapon Skill charts have been modified. I loved how my WS 8 Succubus is fighting WS 3 and 4 units that still hit on 4's.

no change, and as a side not no change to the wound charts so you always wound on a 6 like in fantasy. wraithlords are safe.

The Reason I ask is because in the Pancake edition you could consolidate into a unit, if you destroyed their transport in H2H. I really liked that change and hoped it was one they were going to keep.

cant consolidate in to units. this is sort of the same as it works now.

Also, Rending. Has it changed at all?

auto wounds and is AP 2. +D3 against tanks

Does storm shields the sames as in V5 ?

storm sheilds are listing in the appropriate codex so either stays the same or changes in an upcoming update. my money would be stays the same.
This is a biggie, what is the AP of Necron Warscythes? and if you can, Grey Knight halberds?

all counts as power weapons or ignore armor saves are AP 3 unless specified. again look for updates or FAQs as im sure this will all change.


wound allocation is done closest to furthest. so you take 6 wounds on a tactical squad with a librarian attached.

the 6 models closest to the enemy unit that is shooting take 6 wounds than you roll for saves.

in CC its just closest to closest are hitting each other. so positioning is key.

any models equal distance away from the enemy are randomly rolled for to see who is hit


as above, each model is wounded and you take saves based on what was hit. so 3 wolfgaurd terms and 2 normal wolfgaurd get 6 hits, working from the front each model takes a wound, then you go back to the front and the closest model to the enemy takes the last wound, you then roll your saves for each armour type.

force weapons are as follows

grey knights force weapons are AP3 like power weapons

force staff - 2+ strength AP4
force axe - 1+ strenght, AP1, INITATIVE 1.
force sword - ap 3 normal initative.

grey knight and units or models with special force weapons do NOT follow this chart and use there codex versions.

to show what a force weapon type your using, you just look at the model and whatever it is modelled with is what you get, no points differential.


flyers eg stormraven/talon, ork bomber, valkyrie, all those flyer based units will now be classed as flyers

flyers have 2 hull points
they always have a 5+ cover save and MUST move a minimum of 18 inches per turn. they have a rule that allows them to move 18 and shoot up to 4 weapons per turn. the can also move 24'' which counts as cruising speed.
if they move under 18 inches in a turn they count as wrecked
any unit shooting at flyer require 6's to hit unless you have the skyhammer rule which allows you to hit them with your normal ballistic skill.

NO the stormraven has not been added to vanilla marines
Blessing of the omnissiah

sorry but you will have to wait for your FAQ's for the codex. i have found no info on this.


so you get your ally FOC

1 hq 2 troops 1 elites 1 heavy 1 fast

there is no other restrictions besides who you can and cant ally with. YOU MUST TAKE 1 HQ AND 1 TROOPS AS A MINIMUM REQUIREMENT FOR THE ALLY CHART TO UNLOCK THE FAST, ELITE AND HEAVY SLOT

grey knights and there allies

Grey knight have NO Battle brother allies:

battlebrother allies:


allies of convienience:
space marines
blood angels
dark angels
imperial guard
space wolves

pretty much any of the goody goods

mistrusted allies:

not before the apocolypse:
chaos marines
dark eldar

No you may not


no more 2d6 armour pen
can do a fly over attack same as a necron lord in catacomb comand barge.
may halve there attacks to double there strength in the assault phase
can stomp to hit everyone around them
if they have wings, can fly in movement phase and do a sort of super stomp
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