суббота, 16 июня 2012 г.

Подтвердилось наличие темных ангелов в стартере

 June 23rd - Advance Orders for 6th edition rulebook.  White Dwarf with 6th edition.
June 30th - 6th edition live in stores!

Тактичка дарков будет состоять их сержанта с паварешкой и комбиком, мельтаганщика, плазмакенона и 5 маров с болтерами. 

Это новые модели, хоть и сильно похожие на старые.

Вот возможное содержание стартера:

via 75hastings69 
The 6th ed Starter Set will be Dark Angels vs Chaos
The Chaos forces are made up of CSM Chosen, as well as Cultists/Traitors and a funky Chaos Dreadnought.... amongst others 
I'm expecting the Starter Set mid September
Starter news I have heard from several places now:

Dark Angels
Terminator Captain
5 Deathwing
Tac Squad
Ravenwing bikes (3 likely)

Chaos Marines
CSM squad? 

Dreadnought seems likely, as it adds vehicle rules. CSM squad may be referring to the chosen, or may not. Posessed will have to see, but they would add a daemonic aspect to the force.

via Kaelarr 
The Chaos forces 

I have seen the Chaos Dread, and been told that it will not be in the Starter Set. the new plastic chaos dread is gorgeous, and has a tonne of options on the sprue. the 6th Edition starter box will not include a Chaos Dread, but there will be a separate plastic kit.

The Dark Angels
Terminator Captain, 

via Darnok
I can confirm 100% that the Starter Set is slated for a September release

The starter is due September 1st, staffers have a block for holidays on that weekend and the following weeks.

via Tallarn 
There will be two versions of the starter set for the first time. Rather than the box containing two armies each will have one, so Dark Angels versions and a Traitor version. Each will have a selection of figures, but the extra space in the box will focus on scenery. So there will be a small Dark Angels force with a Dark Angels specific piece of scenery in one box, and a small Traitor force and Chaos specific scenery in the other. 

Darnok from Warseer says that:
Dark angels are 'getting something very exciting for 2-3 months time' 

The Dark Angel Tactical squad are not the Assault on Black Reach marines, these are new sculpts and there is Dark Angel iconography on them. 

One bit I'm really not certain on is this bit, but I've had some info passed on that the Dark Angel Tactical squad includes a Sergeant with Combi Weapon and Power Sword, 7 Bolter marines, 1 with Meltagun, and 1 with Plasma Cannon. I'd frankly be surprised if this is the load out though, and it wasn't the more generic Flamer and Missile Launcher.