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Слухи от человека с рульбуком Часть 3

and do you role to detemine which power you get from the BRB lores, as per fantisy?
[–]Rixitotal[S] 2 очка  назад
yup, although u dont choose if you roll a double, you reroll. and there is a signature to swap to if you want.

What happens when a Mastery Level 1 Psyker gets a Warp Charge 2 power? Roll again?
[–]Rixitotal[S] 2 очка  назад

How do duels/challenges work?
[–]Rixitotal[S] 2 очка  назад
read fantasy with no overkill.

Sorry if this is already answered, but I couldn't find it anywhere:
When shooting at flyers, do you measure range normally or do you deduct 12" (like in Apoc)?
[–]Rixitotal[S] 2 очка  назад
shoot normally range wise.

What are the special rules for Sniper Rifles (e.g. Pinning, Rending) beyond wound allocation?
[–]Rixitotal[S] 2 очка  назад
same aside from 6s letting you choose the hit.

Does it say if you can field super heavies this edition? Also does it mention forgeworld models? Thanks
[–]Rixitotal[S] 2 очка  назад
dosnt say anything about them. probs stay the same, with your opponents permission and apoc.

no etteras in the main book, i think it will come out in WD or online.

all the same above. except that blast seem to be the specific exception to not being able to kill what you cant see, as in it can!

its a normal combat failed moral test to u guess you do.

well no it dosnt auto wound or ignore armor (except for ignoring armor with my rangers with eldar as they have a special rule). but the rest is right and it is great. played it today and worked great for killing of meltas and stuff.

Do you still need 2 of a special close combat weapon (For example, 2 Power Fists) in order to get an extra attack?
[–]Rixitotal[S] 2 очка  назад
it says you need another weapon with the specialist weapon rule. so a power fist and a lighting claw should give you it!!!

On allies, can you take a Special Character from the army you wish to ally with?
[–]Rixitotal[S] 2 очка  назад
see no reason why not.

It was said earlier in the discussion that Weapons that Ignore Armor Saves (Lilith, Warscythes, etc.) Are just lumped in with Power Weapons and AP 3? I just want to make sure of the words used in these cases. It seems a bit silly that "Ignores Armor Saves" is auto-errata'd to completely condradict the words used in their codex entries. even if Codex's faq some of them back to AP 2, it just sounds very cumbersome.
[–]Rixitotal[S] 2 очка  назад
well actually it just lumps powerweapons. ignores amor saves stuff just still ignors armor saves until ettera i guess.

Regarding Allies, are Eldar and Dark Eldar Good, Middle or Bad friends?
[–]Rixitotal[S] 2 очка  назад
good friends. i was so happy and played them as corsairs, worked out well i think.

I saw on a scan floating around on bols that ork power klaw has it's separate entry in the rulebook. Could you confirm if it's AP3 now as the rest of the power weapons, or did it remain AP2? Also could you share with us how slow and purposeful is working now? Thanks!
[–]Rixitotal[S] 2 очка  назад
yea it is separate, but its AP2 im pretty sure. slow and puposeful is the same as far as i can see.

Is there any special rule relating to "Rail" weapons? Like that rumor where Rail weapons draw a line, etc etc...

not that i found. there are beam psychic powers that do the same thing but nothing about rail weapons.

How do you hit with blast weapons now. Same as before Scatter -BS and place template? or just roll to hit...
[–]Rixitotal[S] 2 очка  назад
same, but no half strength for clipping tanks.
[–]davou 1 очко  назад
wait, full strength or is it ignored?
[–]Rixitotal[S] 2 очка  назад
no its full strength.

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