среда, 6 июня 2012 г.

Слухи по 6ке

Презентация - 14 июня в Англии
Преордер - 27-ого июня
Продажи - 5-ого июля

via Larry Vela on BOLS
Latest word from the schedule - logistics side of things regarding 6th edition...
Birdies are chirping...
-Rulebooks are said to have arrived and are in warehouses now worldwide.

-Retailers will receive their merchandise on July 5th, with a public streetdate of Saturday July 7th.

The only question is exactly what date the price codes and pre-orders go up, but it will sometime in the second half of June. If Games Workshop sticks with their standard "10 day notice" , it would place the 6th Edition advanced orders on June 27th.
В этом гаджете обнаружена ошибка