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Новые миссии и немного слухов

In each type you must deploy more than 12” from the center line (e.g. 24” between deployment zones

Setting up the battlefield – Either set up your battlefield to create a narrative, OR all fortifications placed first, alternate fortification deployment. Roll a D3 for each 2’ by 2’ section, this is “terrain density”. Place terrain until number of pieces (including fortifications) is equal to terrain density limit. Alternate which player deploys which piece of terrain, feel free to deploy for your advantage (this is fluffed away by saying savvy commanders pick their battlefield to give their army an advantage). I can’t see any recommendations for size of piece of terrain but then there are a lot of rules for terrain and I haven’t had time to read them all thoroughly

Place objective markers (as per mission type you rolled). These should be 1-2” in diameter. No objective within 6” of battlefield edge of within 12” of another objective, none to be placed in/on buildings, fortifications or impassable terrain. Some interesting special rules on objectives – called “mysterious objectives”, used in some missions. There are all sorts of random effects that can occur with objectives from them exploding to giving the unit controlling them skyfire to creating a gravity wave which halves charge distances.

Determine warlord traits – choose one of three categories and roll a D6
Deploy forces; player with first turn deploys all their units in their deployment zone, then player two deploys all their units. You may deploy within a fortification. Then infiltrating/scouting moves occurs.
Then sieze the initiative –as in 5th
Variable game length, same as 5th

Victory conditions;
Primary objectives; depends on mission (discussed later)
Secondary objectives; same for every mission each gives 1 victory point;
• Slay the warlord (as it sounds)
• First blood (first unit to be removed)
• Linebreaker (ending the game with one of your units in opponents deployment zone)

Troops are scoring units. Other units can be made scoring with special abilities, mission types, etc… cannot claim/deny(contest) an objective if embarked on transport or if falling back
Mission types: (VPs are always counted at the end of the game; i.e. you get the points for controlling it on the final turn, it doesn’t matter if you controlled it turns 1,2,3,4)

1. Crusade: D3+2 Primary objectives. Win by gaining victory points (VP). Each primary objective is worth 3 VP. All three secondary objectives. Mysterious objectives

2. Purge the alien: No objective markers. Each player receives 1VP for each enemy unit that has been completely destroyed. All three secondary objectives

3. Big Guns never tire: D3+2 primary objectives. Each objective is worth 3VP. Also receive 1VP for each heavy support killed, heavy support units are scoring, even if they are vehicles, as well as troop choices (USR called “heavy metal” lol). Secondary objectives, Mysterious objectives

4. The Scouring: 6 objectives placed upside down with numbers written on them, 1 has 4, 2 have 3, 1 has 1. after sieze the initiative flip the markers over. Each marker is worth the number of points written on it. You also get 1 point for each fast attack killed, fast attacks are scoring, even if vehicle, as well as troop choices. Secondary objectives, mysterious objectives

5. The Emperor’s will: Single primary objective on own table half. Each primary objective worth 3 VP. Secondary objectives, mysterious objectives

6. The Relic: rules for this are complex. There is a single objective in the middle of the field. Worth 3VP to the player who controls it. A model in a scoring unit can pick it up and move it away. That relic can never move more than 6” per turn (so you can’t run, etc..) while carrying it and it can’t go on flyers (they will crash if they can only go 6” :D). Secondary objectives.

Fortifications: you may have one fortification and one ally per primary detachment (so at 2000+ point you can take a second primary detachment, a second fortification and a second ally)

Forgeworld, imperial armour, and other expansions: in the back of the book there are a few one/two page summaries of each of the official expansions (including forgeworld), but no indication that these can be used in normal games or without your opponents consent.

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