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Слухи от человека с рульбуком - Часть 6



reserves come on just like 5th EXCEPT i cant find were it says they do or dont get to assault the turn they move on, it does say it just move the model onto the board using there movement..

if an immobile unit is in reserve (i would be thinking weapons turrets here) it comes in using the deepstrike special rule. as it has been airdropped orteleported onto the field.


i can confirm right now that you get to reroll to wound with poisoned weapons if your strength is higher then the enemie's toughness, so yes rerolls are still in.


grey knights force weapons for example benefit from there own statline rather then the rulebook force/power weapons. if it has a statline or special rule in the codex it is counted as AP 3 and follows the codex rules for the weapon, This comes under the rule unusual force weapons in the rulebook

allied independant characters may join your units and vice versa
are counted as freindly units for the intents and purposes of psychich powers aand abilities and so on
CANNOT embark into each others vehicles


well guys, im sorry to say, the fluff is huge, im not going to post it up there is a TONNE of stuff. but to the point of the story line, it is essentially the same. GW have though, expanded the current fluff, adding in alot more battles and stories. they have also expanded on why the imperium is falling into rebellion, heresy, treatury ect. but essentially it goes as far as 5th did.
there is also a large story/battle were the pages fold out and you see a giant apocolyptic battle, chaos verse imperium, 3 reaver titans (or warhounds one of the 2) a wing of valkyries, super heavies, massive armies. it is litterally a scene of apocolyptic proprtions.

PSYCHICH POWERS(just found them)


crush - Range 18, s 2d6, ap d6. also, if you roll 11 or 12 for your strnght roll, the model hit is auto wounded and if a vehicle is hit it is auto penetrated

shockwave - range 12, s3, ap -, assault d6 with pinning

gate of infinty - same as codex space marines, except if the librarian does it on his own there is no risk of a model dying.

objuration mechanicum - a unit within 24'' must reroll to hit and wound rolls of a 6, in addition if it is a vehicle or vehicle squadron it takes a strnght one haywire hit on each vehicle.

vortex of doom - same as codex space marines


dominate - each time the targetted unit (24'' inch range) attempts to move, shooot or assault, it must take a leadership test, if the test is faile dthe unit does nothing for that phase.

mental fortitude - a unit falling back within 24'' immidiately regroups and gains the fearless special rule for aslong as this power lasts.

invisibilty - grants a freindly unit with stealth and shrouded special rules, enemy models in CC hit at WS 1, also models assaulted by an invisible unit gain no benefit from counter attack.

hallucination - target an enemy unit within 24''. roll d6
1-2 target unit is auto pinned, unless it would normally pass its morale checks.
3-4 the unit cannot, shoot, run, or declare blows in CC or assault while the power is in effect
5-6 every unit in the unit immidiately inflicts a single wound ona freindly model from the same unit, using all weapons and strength at there disposal.

puppet master - lets you take over a unit within 24'' and shoot with it for one turn (cannot target your own unit)

terrify - target recieves no benefit from the fearless special rule and treat all enemies as having the fear special rule.


If a power weapon just says power weapon and has no addtional rules, use the following:

maces, and blunt weapons count as power maul
spears, lances count as power lance
swords count as power swords
axes and halberds count as power axes

power sword - S user, ap 3, melee
power axe - S+1, AP 4 melee, unwieldly
power lance - S+1/user AP3/4, melee
power maul - S+2, AP4, melee

power lance has 2 profiles, first being on the charge second being i normal combat.


Because they have so many monstrous creatures. all monstrous creatures have the fear rule now which means everytime they assault a unit that unit must take a leadership test, if it fails that unit has ws1 for the rest of the combat. fearless units and units that dont have to take leadership tests are immune to fear.

psykers, new psycic powers.... nuff said.

they also have hammer of wrath, move through cover, relentless and smash special rules.

your nid monstrosities are now fairly good in the game, there main buffs i beleive will be in the FAQ they should be playable again.


chanswords have an AP of - and use your own strength
heavy chanswords s+2, ap5, two handed
eviscerator sx2 ap2, two handed, armourbane, unweildly