понедельник, 11 июня 2012 г.

Порядок релизов на 2012-2013

via Whitehat
October WOC Release -Delayed 
CCW get AP in 6th Ed -Yes 
Premeasuring in! -Yes 
Wound Allocation is closest models to shooting unit first. -Yes 
40k will have challenges like in fantasy-Similar 
Hardcover book -Yes 
Eldar flyer spotted -Yes 
Dark Angels (May/June) -No 
6th Edition (July/August) -No 
Starter Box featuring Dark Angels vs. Eldar-No 
Eldar (Oct/Nov Xenos slot) -No 
October WOC Release -No 
No EW Levels -Correct 
Hull Points -Yes 
Chaos Legions mid Year -Late, CSM, not Legions 
Tau, first codex in 2013 -No 
DA not updated anytime soon because GW doesn't want to invest in armies no one plays -No 
Eldar before 6th -No 
CSM get one of newest dexes in 6th -Yes 
Tau / BT right after CSM - No 
No TOS in 2012 - No to the Negative

June 30 is 6th Ed 
August is Daemons wave (plastic troops, last two boxes) 
DA Early next year 
Apart from CSM, no more codexes/Armybooks this year

So if this was true, we are looking at the following
6th Edition June 30th
Chaos Marines mid-late year
August wave of Daemons
WoC- Delayed until who knows when
Early 2013- Dark Angels Codex