четверг, 28 июня 2012 г.

Эльдары и 6ка!

Eldar may exchange powers from the ones in the bool for a roll on a table like in fantasy, i thought you could swap one or more from the codex to the main rulebook powers, but as kijamon rightly p

oh and also as a bonus for my fellow eldar players worries about the seer council being nerfed, this is for you.
2 farseers as many warlocks as i care to take, 1 embolden, 1 enhance, 5+ destructor. 1 farseer with one fortune and 3 other powers, 1 with 4 other powers. roll on telepathy for them. you can get all the good telepathy stuff and have a good chance of getting invisibility (shrouded and stealth (+3 coversave), enemies are WS 1 and cant use counter attack but 2 warp charge so only 1 power per turn).
begging of turn cast invisibility, then fortune (reroll saves), then prescience (reroll all to hits, even in combat.) u do all that at the beginning of the turn and cant be stopped by deny the witch and roll3D6 and reroll so amazing chance of it all working.
then you turbo boost 48 inches and get a 2+ rerollable (cos of fortune) coversave and where every the hell you want on the battle field. if they want to counter charge you, they will take number of destructors x D3 S5 AP4 hits from overwatch and you rerolling to hit wounding on a 2+ befor they attack (at WS 1) as u have amazing I.
and u can still get S9 from singing spears as they are in codex eldar. Seer council is still top dog. and hopefully i will be the first person in the world to rock it in its new form [:)] .
TLDR: rerollable 2+ saves for the seer council. seriously.

So with a seer council on jetbikes, is the singing spear the new black or are Witch Blades still good?
well, i would think that in a update they will change singing spears to be in line with the wytch blade, but if not then i still think this config would work well.
but if they leave singing spears as they are then yea, they are the new black.

Then I guess the seer council on jetbikes I am making will be with singing spears(and to regret it when the errata comes out).:)
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