среда, 27 июня 2012 г.

Слухи от человека с рульбуком Часть 4

Just a quick question if you wouldn't mind checking for me; could you tell me what Tyranid units count as fliers?
Edit: Plan on making a 6th ed. list and would love to know so I could maybe try a fancy new build out :)

nids dont have any fliers. but they can have flying monstrous creatures.

How exactly do the new rules for penetrating work again? (1 = Shaken, 2-5 = ??, 6 = EXPLODES!)
PS. everyone loves you forever.

Shaken, Shaken, Stunned, Weapon, immobilized, Explodes!
How do template weapons work with snapfire on vehicles?

they cant snapfire. the exception in overwatch where they do D3 hits.

Does it seem like Terminators are overpowered due to the nerfs to power weapons and such to AP3? Also since you did play against Space Wolves, Acute Senses army wide seems pretty useless.

well... yea. would be great that one time you got outflanks on your warlord roll. maybe an FAQ give them all night vision instead.

Can you confirm that Beasts/Calv, instead of moving 6" and assaulting 12", now move 6" and assault 2d6" like everyone else? Thanks!

move 12, assault 2D6, rerolling cos they are fleet.

The real question is: Forgworld? What does the book say about it?

it talks about it but no disclaimers say we can start using them in our games without permission.